Campaign Diary from Canal Ward


Our campaign started in February, as we were keen to get out and canvass as many people as possible. Although it was still very cold on some days we were well wrapped up and ready for door chapping.

We had excellent canvass returns and plenty of positive conversations on the doors.

We also opened our campaign rooms at 259 Bilsland Drive this month and set about getting the place up and running. 

We were joined by our colleagues and activists during this mammoth clean up task.


We continued our sessions Tuesdays 2pm and 6pm Thursdays 2pm and 6pm and Saturdays at 11am for stalls and canvass for most of this month. We were alternating between Canal and Maryhill Wards as we decided a team approach was the best way forward.

On the 25th we were at the launch of the citywide Manifesto launch which was attended by the candidates across the city. We were delighted to hear the address of our First Minister and the leader of our group Susan Aitken.

This month also saw the delivery and preparation of thousands of leaflets and letters, which were, phase one of our campaign. 

We were also delighted that so many attended our adoption night, which was a joint affair with the Maryhill candidates. 

Our guest speakers were group leader Susan Aitken and David McDonald. A good time was had by all.  


This has been the busiest month so far for our campaign.

We have doubled our efforts by increasing our sessions to 3 per day 10, 2 and 6pm.

We didn't stop at all even working through the Easter Weekend holiday, which saw many of us still chapping doors. 

During this time we were still alternating our sessions between the two wards. In doing this type of canvass en masse mainly on Saturday we were able to talk to as many people as possible. 

It has worked out very well indeed and certainly raises awareness of how busy as a party we really are. 

This month also saw the launch of our Facebook page Gow and Mclaren for Canal.

We were joined on the campaign trail throughout these last few months at various times by Patrick Grady MP, Anne McLaughlin MP and Bob Doris MSP.

We will be continuing our team approach to finish this final phase of our campaign. 

We are still talking to and raising awareness of our party to as many people as possible.