for Linn

Glenn Elder

I’ve been most fortunate to be a Glasgow City Councillor since my election in 2012.  I am now deeply immersed in the campaign to secure my re-election for a further term.

More importantly, I’m part of a campaign that wants to elect enough of our candidates in order to secure the first SNP administration ever to control the City of Glasgow. We want to take the city, not for our own self-aggrandisement but to give us the opportunity to run the city differently…and better.

I’ve knocked on doors in every campaign since I joined the SNP in 2008.  Whether it be in European, Westminster, Holyrood or Glasgow City Council elections, the Scottish Independence referendum or the European Union referendum, I’ve been out walking streets listening to, talking to and engaging with voters.

During this period and without any complacency, I can state categorically, that I have never experienced such a positive desire for change, as there is, today, amongst the citizens of Glasgow.

Paul Leinster

So far this campaign has been great. We’re getting so much support and encouragement on the doors and it’s clear that people in Glasgow are desperate for change.

It’s a different experience knocking doors as a candidate rather than as an activist. Voters are more likely to engage with you. Of course they want to know about the SNP’s plan for Glasgow, but they also want to know about you as a person; your background and your interests; and what you and the other SNP candidates in the ward will bring to their community.

Voters are fed up with decades of Labour administrations running Glasgow City Council and feel like they aren’t being listened to. They’re excited about our plans to empower communities and give citizens their voices back.  

Margaret Morgan

Being out and about canvassing in the Linn Ward has proved an invaluable experience. It has given me the opportunity to meet constituents first hand and talk to them face-to-face about any problems they might be facing within their communities.

Voters care about our schools and support our plans to work hard to close the attainment gap.

The Scottish Government’s target of 30 hours a week of flexible early years education for all 3 and 4 year olds and our most vulnerable 2 year olds will also be implemented, to give Glasgow’s young people the best possible start in life.

The people I speak to in the Linn Ward recognise the need for change. They recognise the need to properly invest in young people and to make sure the next generation is well educated in order to give residents of this city the best possible future. They know that the best way to do that is to vote SNP on 4th May.