Southside Central

Southside Central is the most ethnically diverse ward in Scotland, with large Asian, African and Eastern European communities.

Recently, we were joined by our MP Alison Thewliss at the recent celebration of International Roma Day in Govanhill on a lovely sunny day. It was an enjoyable day with great support from the local community.

The Southside Central SNP team are Alexander Belic, Qasim Hanif and Cllr Mhairi Hunter. This is a 4 member ward comprising Crosshill, Govanhill, Queens Park, Laurieston, Gorbals and Oatlands, currently represented by 2 Labour and 2 SNP councillors as well as an SNP MP, Alison Thewliss, and MSP Nicola Sturgeon.  We're working hard to get all 3 of our council candidates elected.

We've been focusing on visiting postal voters over the past week and have managed to contact most of them, asking them to give the SNP their first 3 preferences. You need to be fit to be a Southside Central campaigner as over 80 per cent of properties are flats and there are a lot of 4 floor tenements. That's why we all have such well developed calf muscles.

Our focus continues to be knocking doors talking to voters and delivering letters to our supporters. We'll be out come rain or shine but it's a lot nicer when the sun is shining - so if the weather gods are reading, please be kind to us!