I have found that people in Springburn really care about their local community, but they feel let down by the current Council.

Early in the campaign I had a lengthy door-step conversation with a voter called Robert in Balmulloch Rd. Robert told me about his experience in community groups in one of the most deprived areas of Glasgow. Robert has worked with youth groups and been a community councillor. In the past Robert has offered his skills and time to add extra value to his local community. But Robert is now disillusioned. He feels that despite his best efforts, not only has he been unsupported by his Council, but also those who should be supporting him actually go out of their way to hinder his efforts and any progress he ever made. Robert is not alone.

A few days later I met a sprightly 80 year old lady called Anne. I met her after she had walked up the hill from Petershill Rd to Broomfield Rd, a hill that would challenge a teenager let alone an octogenarian. She had been to visit and care for her sick brother, who is 72 and lives alone. Not only does Anne want to ensure her brother gets the care he needs, she wants better access to public transport to serve the community's needs. Having lived in the area all of her life, Anne wants her community to be vibrant once again.

Both Robert and Anne are now aware of the SNP’s plans to enhance of community empowerment and devolve 1% of the council budget to local communities. I was very pleased to hear that Anne is now going to attend the community council and take an active part in supporting and developing her community under, what we hope will be, an SNP City Government.

There are clearly many different issues which need resolved within Springburn, but people care deeply about their community. If the SNP win Glasgow, our manifesto promises will undoubtedly support the residents of this great community.

Paul McCabe - SNP candidate for Springburn/Robroyston

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