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The SNP’s commitment:
  • A 25 year Cultural Plan to support the arts and artists in Glasgow
  • Community artists-in-residence located throughout the city, developing links be-tween local culture and community regeneration
  • Access to cultural facilities for every community and the creation of a Local Festi-vals Fund
  • A new Grassroots Sports Strategy, providing free access to facilities, coaching and a wider range of sports
  • More community and street play spaces









"An SNP City Government will protect our cultural spending and investment, recognising the wider impact of culture in our society."

Paul Leinster
For Linn





Culture for Glasgow

Culture is important in and of itself. Participation in culture – whether it’s watching a play, creating your own piece of art or singing a song - is a force for good, and an enabler of community engagement and empowerment that can increase our quality of life. In Glasgow, our vibrant cultural sector gives the city an edge. It inspires, questions and challenges us to see our city and the world in different ways.

A new SNP City Government for Glasgow will seek to create the conditions in which our confident cultural sector can develop and grow, and where our artists are nurtured in their work. From our earliest days in office, we will work to develop a Cultural Plan for Glasgow setting out a 25 year vision to support the arts and artists in Glasgow. This vision will be developed in partnership and on the principles of access, equity and excellence.

We will establish a Creative Glasgow Forum to meet on a regular basis to oversee the development of this plan.

  • We will protect our cultural spending and investment, recognising the wider impact of culture in our society in strengthened community identity and pride, a positive impact on health and wellbeing, enhanced educational outcomes and economic development.
  • The SNP believes that Glasgow’s creative community can play a powerful role in the renewal and regeneration of our city and help bring greater creative and economic benefits to our communities. We will launch a scheme, in partnership with local organisations, to employ an artist in residence for every community. This will be a person who can create and champion local art and strengthen the link between culture at local level and our wider aims of improving health, wellbeing, confidence and quality of life throughout the city.
  • We want to provide the best local community facilities and resources and we are committed to making sure that every local area has access to a new or refurbished community facility. Local community centre, libraries, schools and halls will become cultural hubs to play, learn and create in communities.
  • We will support local communities in celebrating their neighbourhoods through the creation of a Local Festivals Fund.
  • We want to support local artists thought the co-creation of a new City Design Quarter, which will focus on supporting and investing our city’s arts and creative community in new and innovate ways, including supporting small scale manufacturing and artisan crafts. This will include a new ‘Made in Glasgow’ award to support the best in new Glasgow makers. We also will also further develop the city as a vibrant centre for media, technology and creativity oriented business ventures.
  • We will create regular ‘pop up’ spaces in the city for a range of uses.
  • We believe that the arts and culture make a significant contribution to making our city a better place in which to live and learn. We will support schools and young people to access cultural opportunities which will help to grow a more skilled and imaginative population.
  • Arts and culture have helped raise the profile of Glasgow at home and abroad. We want Glasgow to become a true international arts capital, showcasing the best in local and international arts and human creativity. We will continue to market Glasgow as one of the world’s great stages for events and seek to build on the city’s reputation as a welcoming and friendly host for events of all sizes.
  • We will build on the recently launched Tourism Strategy, working with partners to improve our offering to visitors, with new events and attractions, bringing new in-vestments and jobs to the city and aiming to increase the number of visitors to Glasgow.
  • We will protect free entry to museums for Glaswegians.
  • 2017 is Scotland’s year of History, Heritage and Archaeology; a perfect opportunity for the City Government to create a new long-term plan for our city’s built heritage and to develop new projects to tell Glasgow’s history to residents and visitors. We will create new tourist routes across the city, including to areas such as the southside and east end which are currently undermarketed to visitors.
  • We will work with the broadcasting and media sectors in the city to further promote Glasgow a centre of excellence in media. We will press for any new TV and radio service for Scotland to be based in Glasgow.
  • Glasgow is the heart of Scotland's film and television industry. We will seek to capitalise on the city’s recent successes and work with the Scottish Government and the film industry to create a film studio for Scotland in Glasgow. 

Sport for Glasgow

Glasgow is a city obsessed with sport, most famously football - but boxing, rugby, athletics, cricket and many other team and individual sports also have enormous numbers of fans, spectators and participants in the city. Over many years, Glasgow has produced some of Scotland’s greatest sporting heroes.

The SNP is proud of Glasgow’s strong sporting track record. We will continue to bring the best of international sporting events and stars to Glasgow but we will also commit to developing a new grassroots sports strategy, providing access to free facilities, coaching and different kinds of sports, not only to continue to grow the sporting stars of the future but also to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can take part in sport for health, competition or just for fun.

  • Where we can, we will remove the barriers of cost, accessibility and location that can prevent people taking part in sporting activities at all levels.
  • We will implement the Active Scotland Outcomes frameworks for both health and physical activity.
  • We will support wellbeing and resilience through play and physical activity by creating community and street play spaces and through investment in a new active infrastructure across the city.
  • We will continue to work to maximise the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, ensuring that other policies – such as for Active Travel and neighbourhood planning – support opportunities for people to participate in physical activity, whether that be team sport or walking to school. We will build on the legacy planning undertaken for the Commonwealth Games and extend it to the multi-sport 2018 European Championships, taking place in Glasgow and Berlin.
  • We will work to continue Glasgow’s reputation as a world-class sporting venue, encouraging bids for future international sport events such as the LGBT EuroGames and the Homeless World Cup.