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The SNP’s commitment:
  • Support and nurture our young people
  • Make closing the attainment gap a priority
  • Maintain and upgrade school buildings and playgrounds
  • Review school catchment areas
  • Promote an inclusive, non-discriminatory learning environment
  • Develop Glasgow’s collective skillset
  • Maintain teacher numbers and support the profession









"Glasgow has a good education system. We have great nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, driven by the professionalism of our teachers and the energy of our young people. But Glasgow needs to harness this energy better."

Feargal Dalton
For Victoria Park






Glasgow has a good education system. We have great nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, driven by the professionalism of our teachers and the energy of our young people. But Glasgow needs to harness this energy better.

An SNP City Government promises to put the emotional, social and educational needs of our children at the heart of the delivery of education in early years, primary, secondary and ASN schools. We will get it right for every child. We will implement the Scottish Government’s Named Person initiative and support our looked after children, the city’s kinship and foster carers, and young adults who have been in care.

We want to nurture and support our young people. One the best ways to improve social mobility and reduce inequity in our city is to give our young people the skills they need to secure good quality, highly paid employment.

There is a skills shortage within our city and, by equipping our young people to fill that shortage, we can drive up economic activity and reduce poverty. And this work doesn’t start in schools, colleges and universities. By expanding free early years learning provision, including childminding, we are increasingly giving our young people the best start in life, giving them the best preparation for their years in education.

Closing the attainment gap in Glasgow is essential. Therefore, we promise to support our children, our teachers and our wider workforce. We will:

  • Work to deliver the Scottish Government’s target of 30 hours a week of flexible early years education for all 3 and 4 year olds and our most vulnerable 2 year olds, using – from 16 hours a week to 30 hours a week, and ensure that every child in early years education in our most deprived communities has access to an additional teacher or childcare graduate by 2018.
  • Involve local communities in the educational journey and build resilient links be-tween home, school, community and workplace.
  • Support and empower headteachers and staff to enable them to make the most of the direct funding that the Scottish Government has provided to Glasgow’s schools through the Pupil Equity Fund, enabling them to make choices that meet the particular needs of their own school population. We recognise that local education leaders and teaching staff are best placed to understand the issues that are most likely to impact on the educational attainment of the children and young people they teach.
  • Raise Glasgow’s performance as a corporate parent year on year, improving the life experiences and life chances of the looked after children and young people in our care. We will work in close partnership with the Scottish Government on its national review of the care system
  • Promote Gaelic-medium education.
  • Encourage the introduction and extension of walking buses.
  • Support physical education, languages and STEM subjects.

Equality of access is important to us. We will ensure that our early years and school buildings are fit to deliver excellence. We will upgrade our school playgrounds - all our children deserve a safe, stimulating place to play. We will also review the Council’s PPP arrangements in the secondary estate. And we will improve WiFi and broadband connections to our schools.

Your child’s development and safety is of vital importance. Therefore, we promise to put the emotional, educational and social needs of our children at the heart of our delivery of education in our early years, primary, secondary and ASN schools. We aim to get it right for every child. We will implement the Scottish Government’s named person initiative and support our looked after children, the city’s kinship and foster carers and our young adults who have been in care.

We recognise that many school catchment areas no longer fit with the location of the school or local community. This is a result of decades of developments which have seen schools move or close without a review of the relevant school catchment areas. We recognise the frustration felt by parents across the city where catchments no longer make sense. To address this, we will start a phased review of catchment areas across the city on an area by area basis.

Glasgow has a large population of children who require additional support for learning, whether because of physical or learning disability or Autistic Spectrum conditions. The SNP supports the principle of mainstreaming in education, where appropriate. However, we recognise that, for some children, mainstreaming is not appropriate.

No child should be educationally disadvantaged due to disability. We will ensure that the principles of’ Getting it Right For Every Child’ are applied fully in every case and the rights of children, young people and carers – as set out in legislation – are complied with. We will also review provision of specialist Additional Support Needs facilities in Glasgow to identify where new or extended provision is required.

We will champion equality in our establishments and continue to nurture an environment in which discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We are committed to working with LGBT Youth Scotland and to supporting the TIE campaign to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia with inclusive education. We will work to deliver Changing Places toilets in every Glasgow school.

Skills for Glasgow

We will continue the good start made by Glasgow in addressing the challenges raised in the Developing Young Workforce Report. To do this we will further enhance the excellent links made through school employer partnerships and work of the Glasgow Developing the Young Workforce Group at both Primary and Secondary level. We recognise the importance of employer links within education and potential to improve both individual learning outcomes and economic performance. We will ensure that all pupils receive enterprise education.

Curriculum for Excellence involves the development of a senior phase offer which is appropriate for each pupil. Presently, there are too many occasions where pupils do not have access to excellent local opportunities delivered at other schools or in partnership with our Colleges due to timetabling issues. We will learn from other education authorities and introduce a common timetable across the senior phase to ensure pupils have access to as many opportunities as possible.

We will seek to narrow the skills gap in the city. We will:

  • work to increase the number of pupils from poorer backgrounds achieving access to university
  • put in place a Digital Champion who will work across the public and private sector to promote digital inclusion, innovation and promote e-skills
  • join with partners in the city to develop and support STEM-related economic growth in the city.
  • review attainment in mathematics across Glasgow and act on the recommendations, and
  • develop a languages strategy for Glasgow, to increase language uptake and to maximise the economic and social potential for the city from our diverse population.

Vocational qualifications are an essential component of a smart, successful Glasgow. We will support the extension of vocational qualifications at all levels across the senior phase of school. We expect these opportunities to be open to all pupils. We anticipate that all schools will have pupils involved, across all levels available, through partnerships in place with Colleges and others. This will help raise attainment and boost outcomes, by ensuring a curriculum appropriate for all pupils and relevant to the local labour market by providing opportunities related to labour market demand.

Beyond School

We support an education system that maximises opportunities for our young people. We will align the management of services within our schools and for 16-24 year olds post-school. This will ensure that young people in Glasgow receive a seamless service which looks to support them with the skills for life, by providing support at the time most appropriate to them.

This will help support young people into sustained positive outcomes. It will also reduce the current practise, where services operate in silos and focus on short term goals as opposed to the best outcome for young people.

High quality post-school opportunities in employment, training and volunteering are vital to ensuring young people can access and sustain career paths relevant to them and to Glasgow. While progress has been made in tackling the problem of youth unemployment, we know more must be done. To do this, we will work with partners to review provision and expand high-quality opportunities such as those provided by Community Jobs Scotland.

It is vital that we ensure continuity between learning in school and post school. To address this we will:

  • align management of Glasgow's youth employment programs with management of learning in school. This continuity will help ensure a seamless service for young people and remove the current breakdown in service which can happen between school and post school learning.
  • We will increase the number of Modern Apprenticeships offered by the Council family year on year, with a target of growing opportunities by 10% by 2022.
  • We will also ensure that provision of Modern Apprenticeships and other developing apprenticeship opportunities are embedded within procurement to ensure all partners are supporting Glasgow citizens.

Teachers for Glasgow


We are committed to supporting the city’s teachers. We should all be grateful that they choose to work in our excellent local primary, ASN and comprehensive schools. However, teachers are now in very short supply in Glasgow. There are critical shortages of nursery, primary and secondary teachers across many subjects and specialisms.

While there has been an increase in recruitment, retaining teachers in the profession has been disappointing. According to professional bodies representing teachers, workload is a significant factor in teachers choosing to leave the profession. We will work to retain teacher numbers in Glasgow. We will launch a review to establish what can be done to reverse these losses in the city.

Workload that teachers know is contributing nothing to learning and teaching is particularly frustrating. All those with a responsibility for teachers' workload need to work tirelessly and urgently to reduce teacher’s workload and free up their time to do what they love doing : teaching our children.

We know that many children rely on Additional Support for Learning staff. We will ensure that their concerns and training needs are met. We will also ensure that all staff in our schools are valued and receive the training and support they need to do their job to the best of their ability.