Empowering Communities


The SNP’s commitment:
  • Delivering a new deal for Glasgow's Communities.
  • Building community capacity and working in partnership to create stronger, more equal communities.
  • Review Community Planning and make it more effective.
  • Empowering neighbourhoods and devolving decision making.
  • Investing £1million in every ward for priorities identified by local people.
  • Invest in new or refurbished community facilities.
  • Invest in community/ward based staff to support local communities in making their voices heard.
  • Work better with the Third Sector to maximise opportunities for Glaswegians.









"An SNP City Government will put neighbourhoods at the heart of our new open, transparent and democratic work to build healthier, more sustainable and equitable communities which are confident in shaping their own future."

Kaukab Stewart
For Partick East / Kelvindale






Glasgow’s sense of community is one of the city’s biggest assets, but we know that the Council’s traditional top down approach to dealing with communities has failed. We believe it’s time to change this approach. A new SNP city government will set out a new deal for Glasgow's communities based on true partnership and effective engagement.

We will be more open, more transparent, more democratic and more imaginative in debating the kind of city we want to create and we will put local people at the heart of work to build stronger, healthier, more sustainable and equitable communities.

We will introduce an early review of the current community planning structures and remit. We will seek early discussion with all relevant partners to develop a new more inclusive community planning strategy with real strength and purpose to take forward the wishes of local communities.

We will introduce a co-produced Glasgow Neighbourhood Empowerment Policy that will guarantee involvement and participation in all local decisions, and will pass new rights and responsibilities to communities to identify local needs and request action is taken. Our Neighbourhood Empowerment Policy will supplement the Scottish Government’s Community Empowerment Act to help mainstream the ethos of community empowerment across the Council family. We will launch a Community Empowerment Unit CEU within the Council, to support the rollout of Scotland’s largest Participatory Budgeting scheme.

Only the SNP have committed to devolving at least £1 million to every Council ward to be spent on local priorities. This is a level of resource that has the power to deliver real, long term, positive change in local neighbourhoods. The City Government and its partners will ensure the advice and resources required for this historic change are provided, that communities across the city have the capacity they need to make the most of these opportunities, and that barriers to participation are removed. We will encourage the development and growth of local development trusts, social enterprises, community enterprise companies and other organisational models that will allow people to successfully take charge of their local assets and manage projects. We will work to pass more powers to local communities giving them a greater say in a range of issues, including planning and licensing. Communities will also be supported by local SNP councillors whose role will be to act as champions and facilitators for the decisions and ideas of the citizens they represent.

Our goal is to create stronger communities in a better city, one that can tackle its problems of inequality while promoting social justice. To aid in this effort we will invest in new opportunities for community development and community education, reversing years of cuts to these important services by working in partnership with the community sector and FE institutions. Community Development professionals will be employed to support communities directly and ensure that our neighbourhoods make the most of the new opportunities available to them.

Improving liveability is key to creating cleaner, safer, better communities. We will create a ‘liveable communities’ policy, learning lessons from around the world in order to provide everyone in Glasgow with greater opportunities to enjoy a high quality of life by improving the quality of their environment and by making it possible for them to walk, bike or take public transportation to go to work, school, shops, parks, recreational areas and health facilities.

We will work with the Council family and partners to ensure every community has access to places to play, meet, learn or create. We will invest to ensure every community has a new or refurbished community facility by the end of the next Council term.

To help us achieve a day-on-day improvement in our neighbourhoods we will appoint a Neighbourhood Officer, a Council employee who will be able to oversee and ensure that work carried out by the Council, or its contractors, is done to the highest standards. They will liaise directly with local residents and be able to respond quickly and effectively to meet local needs.

We will improve the Council’s public consultation processes, involving people from the earliest stage of planning or reform of services, developments and policies so that stakeholders can genuinely inform and influence their shape and direction.

Growing up in Glasgow

Growing up in Glasgow has changed. An SNP City Government would seek to ensure that the needs and perspectives of young people are recognised and addressed. Our young people are our city’s future and we want them to believe that Glasgow should be their forever home.

We want Glasgow’s young people to have more opportunities than any generation before them to live a good life in our city. We’ll start by making sure the voices of young people are heard, listened to and taken seriously through the establishment of a Young Glasgow Forum, putting young Glaswegians in direct contact with their elected councillors and giving them an active role in shaping the future of their city. We will work closely with the Glasgow Youth Council and the city’s MSYPs to strengthen the role of young people in decisions affecting them.

At school, it’s vital that young people feel supported. All pupils must have access to effective Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) which addresses issues including lifestyle, health, relationships, budgeting, equality, social justice, and citizenship. We will work with pupils to ensure PSHE is meeting their needs.

We will work to deliver better mental health services for children and young people, bringing together healthcare and education, to ensure faster treatment without stigma. We will also ensure that Additional Support Needs are met appropriately, in line with the aims of Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).

The City Government will take action to minimise the impact of poverty on pupils during their school day by reviewing school lunch prices and we will work with partners to develop school holiday activities which engage children and young people. We will encourage schools in Glasgow to consult pupils annually on uniform policy and we will commit to no more cuts to school transport.

We know that more needs to be done to narrow the gap in educational attainment. We will work with teachers, parents, partner organisations and young people to develop an attainment plan for every school in Glasgow and an approach which looks to build sustained improvements in attainment for all young people. For post-school-age young people, we will work with the Scottish Government and the Widening Access Commission to ensure that, by 2030, at least 20 per cent of Higher Education entrants come from our 20 per cent most deprived communities.

We will ensure that employers in the city are treating young workers fairly and with respect. We will promote the Living Wage for all people in Glasgow, including young people.

For young people who don’t work or who are on low incomes we will ensure that our sports centres and cultural facilities have reduced entry fees. Where possible, we will work to reduce any costs towards making these services free for young people.

Older Glaswegians

Glasgow’s older citizens created the city we inherit. Having worked for a lifetime, it is their time to enjoy life and to receive the services they need to make life better in later years. The SNP will work to fully implement the existing Age Friendly City strategy, as well as a comprehensive dementia strategy to be adopted across the range of Council services.

We will review community care charges. We will work with community groups and organisations to strengthen the network of facilities across the city providing vital services. We will review the Affordable Warmth Scheme, with the intention of extending the scheme to more of Glasgow’s elderly households.

We will work in conjunction with housing providers to deliver appropriate housing with support where required, to maintain people in their own homes for as long as possible. And we will work with transport providers, to ensure that they are providing the best possible service to our elderly citizens.

Third sector and community organisations

The city is well served by a strong Third Sector : we will work in partnership with them to tackle poverty and disadvantage, promote economic growth, create employment and volunteering opportunities and to achieve better outcomes for all Glaswegians. We will establish a Third Sector Embassy in the City Chambers, providing a key officer and single point of contact for groups and organisations. Third Sector groups in the city will be invited to use space in the City Chambers to raise awareness of their work on a regular basis.

We recognise that the need to be a responsible funder and will work with the Third Sector to improve our procedures. We will, where possible, support organisations by funding their work for longer periods on a more equitable, partnership basis, and reducing the amount of red tape and bureaucracy they currently face.