A Better Environment

A Better

The SNP’s commitment:
  • Introducing Neighbourhood Officers to oversee day-to-day cleaning and mainte-nance of local streets and public spaces
  • A comprehensive waste management, cleansing and recycling strategy for the city
  • Investing to improve the condition of pavements and roads, replace street bins and lighting, and refurbish play areas
  • Improving access to recycling for all households









"The SNP believes that clean, well-kept neighbourhoods require local oversight on a day to day basis. We will develop a comprehensive, integrated strategy for waste management, cleansing and recycling across the city, giving communities power to actively participate in these decisions."

Paul McCabe
For Springburn / Robroyston






The basic maintenance of Glasgow’s streets and public spaces affects every single person who lives, works and visits here. The SNP believes the effort that’s put into keeping a place clean and well-kept is a measure of the value the people who live there are held in. No one should have to walk to work, school or the shops through dirt and litter, and every Glaswegian deserves to live in a neighbourhood where basic services like street cleaning and domestic waste are given the care and attention they deserve. That’s why significantly improving cleansing and recycling across the city will be a major priority for an SNP City Government.

The SNP believes that clean, well-kept neighbourhoods require local oversight on a day to day basis. Many older Glaswegians remember the city Corporation ‘Clerk of Works’ role. They had a direct responsibility for what was happening in the streets, parks and public spaces of their neighbourhood, they could be contacted directly by local people and alerted to problems, and they could respond quickly and effectively. An SNP City Government will restore that local focus by appointing Neighbourhood Officers, who will be located in communities across the city.

Neighbourhood Officers will be aligned closely with other local services, from education to libraries to social care; they will work with housing associations and community groups; and above all they will be accessible and responsive to local people’s concerns and complaints about litter, dog fouling, potholes and all the other issues that can make a neighbourhood and its residents feel neglected by the Council.

Over the five years of the next Council term, an SNP City Government will launch a programme of investment in the fabric of local neighbourhoods. All of these investments will improve physical foundations in order to create cleaner, safer, more liveable communities, as well as allowing for quicker, more cost-effective on-going maintenance and repair. We will:

  • Properly repair and resurface pavements and roads – not just emergency patching - starting with areas that are currently in the poorest condition.
  • Replace the current inadequate lamppost and street bins with ‘smart’ waste-compacting bins of the type found in many European cities.
  • Introduce low-carbon LED street lighting across the city and replace old and dam-aged lampposts.
  • Upgrade and improve school playgrounds and local play areas.
  • As well as improving cleanliness, the SNP will work to greatly improve Glasgow’s recycling record. We will adopt best practice found in other cities to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for all of Glasgow’s households to recycle their waste, including addressing the particular challenges facing tenemental neighbourhoods.
  • We will develop a comprehensive, integrated strategy for waste management, cleansing and recycling across the city. We will instruct the officers who run cleansing services to ensure that management and working practices are fit for purpose for our renewed focus on cleaner neighbourhoods, and that frontline staff are able to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • An SNP City Government will sign Glasgow up to the Charter for Household Recycling agreed by the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland and COSLA. The Charter is a declaration improve household waste and recycling services to maximise the recycling of waste and meet the needs of all citizens. We will aim to make Glasgow a ‘circular economy’, where production of waste is reduced to the minimum possible.
  • Through our enhanced local community planning structures, we will enable communities to actively participate in the cleansing and recycling decisions that are taken in their local areas, contributing local ideas and innovations to improve services.
  • We will expand and encourage volunteering opportunities for community groups and individuals who want to get involved in helping to keep their neighbourhoods clean.
  • Creating a cleaner environment is everyone’s responsibility. We will step up enforcement against those who abuse our shared public spaces and make more use of fixed penalty fines for littering, flytipping and dog fouling.