A Better Glasgow: The First Steps

A Better Glasgow:
The First Steps

This manifesto forms our programme for City Government and we ask for your vote to give us a strong mandate to change the way our city is governed.

Transparency will be central to everything we do, and we start here as we mean to continue by listing the key milestones that we aim to achieve in our first 100 days after the election - milestones that the public can hold us to account on.

Your new SNP City Government for Glasgow will:

  • Seek re-admission to COSLA, placing Glasgow back at the heart of decision making in Scottish Local Government.
  • Begin talks with the First Minister on improving links between the City and Scottish Governments.
  • Invite the UK Government for talks on how to progress policies within the UK that benefit Glasgow.
  • Meet with our neighbouring local authorities and key City Deal partners to redefine this historic funding arrangement.
  • Forge plans with senior Council Officers to create a fairer, more equal Glasgow.
  • Appoint our new City Conveners to introduce and oversee our political priorities.
  • Begin an ongoing dialogue between politicians and those who deliver services to our citizens, by meeting council staff across all departments.
  • Bring forward a consultation with all Council staff to better understand their views on the Council and how it can be reshaped.
  • Establish our new Glasgow Partnership for Economic Growth.
  • Convene a city Headteacher Conference, to plan for maximum benefit from the £21m Pupil Equity funds coming into the city’s schools.
  • Establish a range of partnerships, creating frameworks for closer working between the City Chambers and stakeholders, beginning with:
    • A Community Summit, to discuss devolving power to neighbourhoods and to shape our Neighbourhood Empowerment Policy
    • A Transport Summit, to plan improvements in our public transport network
    • A Third Sector Summit, to promote a new partnership approach to tackling poverty and supporting people
    • A Housing and Homelessness Summit, with large and smaller housing associa-tions
    • A Culture Summit to harness the energy of Glasgow’s creative communities
    • A Blue Light Summit, with all of Glasgow’s Emergency Services
    • A Schools Summit, involving parents, pupils and teacher
  •  Sit down with Trade Unions and with staff presently involved in industrial action, with a pledge to work together to find a solution.
  • Begin the process of settling outstanding equal pay claims.
  • Launch powerful forums that will help to shape the future policy of the Council, including a forum for Carers and a forum for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
  • Begin an independent review of Self Directed Support.
  • Appoint a Digital Champion for Glasgow.
  • Introduce a citizen-approved ‘City Charter’ for Glasgow.
  • Establish a disused and derelict land task force.
  • Examine potential for moratorium on HMO licenses.
  • Review and agree more democratic Council Committee structures, with stronger scrutiny.
  • Consult on the future structures of Community Planning, to give it greater strength and purpose.
  • Introduce real, community-based, Participatory Budgeting.
  • Introduce webcasting across all Council meetings.
  • Open the doors to the City Chamber for more public and civic events.
  • Appoint an independent auditor to review the decisions and practices of previous Council administrations.