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The SNP’s commitment:
  • Develop a new public realm plan that is distinctly Glaswegian, that prioritises high quality design and promotes liveability.
  • Invest and improve the streetscape across the city, making public areas safer and more welcoming.
  • Give communities a voice in placemaking and shaping developments in their area.
  • Ensure that every community has a public place in which to play or relax.
  • Reduce derelict land and work with communities to take ownership of disused sites.
  • Create a more walkable city by investing in better pavements and lighting.
  • Protect cherished public spaces across the city; including the Buchanan Street steps.
  • Pedestrianise and restore George Square to its former glory as the premier public space in the city
  • Develop a strategy to protect and preserve Glasgow’s built heritage , and establi-sha Historic Glasgow Zone from the Cathedral area, via the High Street to Glasgow Green.
  • Develop a new events and celebration space in the city centre.
  • Work with local communities to develop better public spaces that meet local needs.









"The physical environment in which we live is key to our health and wellbeing. We know that the condition of many of our neighbourhoods and public spaces falls below an acceptable level, and we will Improve the places where we live, work, learn, play and socialise."

Mandy Morgan
For North East






We all share a sense of pride in Glasgow and the parts of the city we each call home. We enjoy some of the finest architecture in the world, from our Victorian city centre to the new modern steel structures of the Clydeside. Too often though, our public spaces are neglected. We believe that Glasgow needs better public spaces and an SNP City Government will develop a range of new approaches to create an improved public realm that is distinctive, safe, welcoming, adaptable, resource efficient and easy to move around.

Our plan for bolder, more liveable public space will transform the streetscape of the city, prioritising the highest quality of design and material specification for pavements and footways, lighting and street furniture. Investing in better public spaces we will create more liveable neighbourhoods across the city.

The physical environment in which we live is a key component to our health and wellbeing, we know that the condition of many of our public spaces and neighbourhoods falls below an acceptable level. We will work to ensure that our public spaces are designed to support our overarching policies on reducing inequalities and nurture positive health and wellbeing. Improving the places where we live, work, learn, play and socialise will be a top priority for the City Government.

We will initiate a new Placemaking policy, based on collaboration with communities to harnesses the distinct characteristics and strengths of local neighbourhoods in new developments. We will learn from the city's past mistakes and work with developers to ensure they create neighbourhoods that thrive and that have an enduring appeal.

Every community should have space to relax, unwind and play. We will develop local area masterplans and, working with communities, ensure every neighbourhood has better access and connectivity to local amenities, including playgrounds, parks, greenspace, woodlands, canals and rivers. We will work with communities and local partners to further reduce the amount of derelict and disused land in the city, where possible making it available for community use and ownership.

We want to make our communities and the city more walkable and will invest in making Glasgow the world's most walkable city. In fostering walkability we will give extra funding for better pavements and footways and improved lighting.

Starting in the city centre we will introduce a new public places protection policy to safeguard public space from harmful development - this includes the Buchanan Street steps.

At the heart of our city centre, George Square has been left in a run down state and regularly closed off to visitors. We will end the neglect of the Square by overseeing its redevelopment, returning it to its former glory and the pedestrianisation of the surrounding streets.

With a SNP City Government, George Square will continue to be the home of important civic and seasonal events, but these events will be public and free for Glaswegians. It is important that events in the Square are accessible to all and that they preserve and enhance the civic role of the Square.

We will develop a Historic Glasgow Strategy to protect and restore our built heritage, and work with local residents and business owners to establish Historic Glasgow Zones, starting with the city’s medieval heart, from the Cathedral to Glasgow Green via the High Street.

Alongside protecting our existing public space we will seek to create a new Civic Space for festivals, celebrations and events. This space will be commercially available and will have the infrastructure required to host a wide range of different events. We will further support the development of new public spaces across the city in partnership with local communities and organisations that can help promote Glasgow's distinctive identity, attract investment and visitors and deliver growth for the city.