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The SNP’s commitment:
  • A Transport for Glasgow body, to implement a new integrated transport strategy for the city
  • A smart one-ticket system for use across all public transport
  • Investigate local bus franchising to deliver a more comprehensive, accessible net-work for communities
  • Make better use of our urban rail network as a stimulus for economic and neigh-bourhood development and bring management of the Subway back to the city
  • Invest in repair, renewal and maintenance of pavements and roads
  • Increase spending on active travel to 10% of our transport budget over the next Council term









"We will establish a Transport for Glasgow body, working with transport providers and the Scottish Government to build a public transport system that matches the best other cities have to offer. We will also deliver a smart one-ticket system for travel on all public transport."

Angus Millar
For Anderston / City / Yorkhill






Affordable, integrated public transport is an essential requirement for a successful modern city. Transport is vital for a thriving economy, for access to employment and leisure, and for enabling people to connect with their city and each other. Glaswegians enjoy some of the most developed and extensive public transport networks anywhere in Scotland but there remain serious problems with accessibility and connectivity, particularly for the neighbourhoods furthest away from the city centre and for the people who are most at risk of suffering social isolation. Around half of Glaswegians do not have access to a car: that makes decent public transport even more important for this city than for many others.

The SNP believes that Glasgow needs a new, coherent, integrated transport strategy for the city and wider region, with a fundamental change in the way services are managed and overseen. We will:

  • establish a Transport for Glasgow body, working with transport providers and the Scottish Government to build a public transport system that matches the best other cities have to offer
  • work with transport providers to deliver a smart one-ticket system for travel on all public transport
  • in local communities, work with citizens to develop local strategies to meet specific local needs so that those who make most use of local networks of paths, pavements, roads, bus routes and rail have greatest say over how these are planned, built, maintained and used
  • we will seek to reduce private motor use in parts of the city and to work towards the removal of diesel-engined vehicles by 2027, in line with other cities internationally and establish a Low Emissions Zone to tackle air pollution in the city centre
  • by focusing on community public transport provision and fostering a city centre with fewer motor vehicles, we will seek to encourage greater use of active travel in the city.


Glasgow’s bus infrastructure was deregulated by the Tories in the 1980’s and sold off by Labour’s Regional Council. The fragmented nature of the service to Glasgow is a legacy of those decisions.

We will actively develop a local franchising framework for Glasgow’s buses, to deliver a more integrated, comprehensive and connected network across the city. We will improve and refresh the Statutory Quality Partnership, agreed between bus operators and the Council in 2010.

Glasgow’s extensive urban rail networks are one of the jewels in the city’s crown, but we could make better use of the existing network and look to expand their potential. The rail network has the potential to help grow our city economy and population and an SNP City Government will work to make the best use of this wonderful resource.

We will work with the Scotrail Alliance to develop our railways as an economic stimulus, including strategies for getting the most from local railway stations as locations for retail and other businesses and as natural hubs around which new housing and neighbourhoods can be planned and built. We will negotiate with Network Rail to gain access to railways arches and unused land in their ownership so that they can be brought back into productive life.


Glasgow’s Subway is the third oldest subway network in the world. The Subway is entirely located within Glasgow, but is managed by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT): we will plan to bring management of Glasgow’s Subway into the fold of the City Government.

We will look favourably on opportunities to expand the Subway network and consider innovative funding approaches to achieve the first extension to the Subway since its creation in the 1890’s.

Active Travel

The SNP believes Glasgow should be a city where people feel safe and happy walking or cycling to school, work and play. Glasgow’s street should be living streets, where people of all ages and abilities are given priority. Living streets reduce carbon emissions and create a better, healthier quality of life for all Glaswegians.

  • We will reduce the speed limit to 20mph on all roads except major through routes.
  • We will set an investment target of 10% of our transport budget on walking and cycling over the course of the next Council term.
  • We will support communities to implement traffic free zones around schools and to set up street play schemes.
  • We will consult with communities to implement traffic calming and reduce through traffic in residential areas, if desired.
  • We will ensure new cycling infrastructure is of high quality and safe for all ages and abilities, looking to good practice in cities internationally for advice and inspiration.
  • We will audit the existing cycling infrastructure and assess how many kilometres of inclusive, safe cycle paths we currently have, and where upgrading is necessary.
  • We will improve the walking environment for everyone by maintaining pavements, and ensure safe crossings are in the places they are needed.
  • We will prioritise safe streets and active travel through the planning process.
  • We will seek to reduce private motor use in parts of the city and to work towards the removal of diesel engine vehicles (which have the most negative effect on air quality) by 2027, in line with other cities globally.


International transport connections are a vital and vibrant resource for global cities such as Glasgow. We will work with Glasgow’s airports – at Glasgow and Prestwick – to ensure that the best possible provision of business, holiday and cargo flight options are available. We will work with partners and neighbouring authorities to improve access to the airports and to develop and promote routes from Glasgow to all points in the world.

Roads and cars

We recognise that roads and private cars remain a key component of the transport mix. Our commitment is to bring Glasgow’s roads to a good standard of repair within five years and maintain the streets in future years through programmed maintenance. We recognise that many people travel into Glasgow by car to work, shop, and visit the city. We will work to develop a network of park and ride facilities with dedicated connecting transport routes to reduce congestion on our city streets.

Glasgow is the trunk road hub for Scotland and has many thousands of miles of roadway to maintain. These, alongside the rail and active travel networks in our city, are crucial arteries of our economy and communities.